Sirocco 2 Paramotor Wing
Ozone Paramotor Wings

Sirocco 2

The high-performance, lightweight intermediate paramotor wing.

From Ozone:

The all new SIROCCO 2 features a long list of technological improvements in handling, stability, and efficiency. The light concept has proven to be revolutionary in PPG, and this new version is a more agile and efficient wing, with even more speed for the new generation of PPG pilots. The SIROCCO 2’s ease of launch and unique flight characteristics make it another game-changer in the PPG world.

Based on the SPEEDSTER 2, the SIROCCO 2 features a faster top speed than its predecessor. Reduced line drag and an optimised profile have made this new wing an incredible tool in accelerated flight. In addition to the increased speed, the SIROCCO 2 is more efficient, requiring less fuel and less power to maintain top speed.


  • New OZRP shark profile
  • Superb handling and agility
  • Lightweight, low-bulk, highly portable
  • The easiest launch characteristics of any wing in its class
  • Enhanced internal structure
  • Reduction in overall line drag
  • New 2D steering system

Notes from the Fly Halo team:

While the Sirocco 2 may look like simply a lightweight Speedster 2, it really is so much more. While the Speedster is the trusty cross-country glider with great performance and modest handling, more aggressive pilots should take notice. Retaining all of the performance and safety of its heavier brethren, the Sirocco 2 has a noticeably more playful, fun feel to it - and inflations are a breeze. Er, rather, it will feel like you have a breeze, because this thing inflates easy!

The downsides to lighter material is increased cost up front, and slightly less durability over the years. If you're a pilot who takes care of their equipment and appreciates the finer features, it's well worth the tradeoff.


Is it for me?

The Sirocco 2 is one of our favorites for good reason. Great efficiency (performance), stability/safety, ease of inflation, and the ability to "throw down" when we want to engage in some thrill-seeking behavior.

Best suited for true intermediates (min 2-3 years experience, over 100 flights, already flying an intermediate glider), the Sirocco is an easy transition from a Roadster or similar reflex wing, or intermediate classic wing (EN-B).

If you want an all-around wing that is very aerobatically capable, you're a pilot who takes care of their equipment and can appreciate the necessity for care of a lighter fabric, and you have the means, we highly recommend the Sirocco 2.

Still not sure? The great thing is, we've been doing this for a long time, and you don't have to make this decision on your own! Give us a call and tell us your story, we'll help you sort out the best possible setup given your physical characteristics and specific goals in PPG.

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