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The Falcon is Gin's intermediate reflex paramotor wing that excels in all areas of modern paramotoring. Stability, fun factor, speed, and safety combine to offer the second or third-year PPG pilot a well-rounded wing that can tackle any mission as you explore and grow into an advanced pilot.

From Gin:

The Falcon is a state-of-the-art reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots. The wing is fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient—ideal for fun flying, cross-country, bivouac and competition.

The Falcon also achieves excellent fuel-efficiency thanks to the aerodynamic efficiency of the state-of-the-art airfoil.

Technical details

- reflex airfoil

- advanced speed system

- easy steering system or optional 2D-steering system

- highest quality materials used throughout ensure maximum durability

Stable and safe

The Falcon inflates easily and quickly produces lift in a co-ordinated manner, allowing stress-free launches in the widest range of wind speeds. The wing has a high degree of passive safety both in turbulent air and at speed. However, pilots with more limited experience must always remain aware at high speeds.

Fast and Efficient

The Falcon has a wide speed range, and transitions easily from flat, efficient turns in thermals to relaxed, high-speed cruising. The wing is equipped with a competition speed system which acts on both the accelerator and the trimmer. Pushing the speedbar also simultaneously releases the trimmers and vice versa.

Agile and Fun

Handling was a key consideration in the design and development of the Falcon. Hours of testing, tuning and trimming have resulted in an agile and precise wing. The standard steering system makes control easy and efficient, and the wing can be tip-steered at speed. Alternatively, an optional 2D steering system is available.



For a list of all specifications, certifications, color options and downloads, please visit the manufacturer web site here.

Notes from the Fly Halo Team:

The Falcon checks all the blocks. Fun, safe, efficient, versatile. One of the only gliders in the intermediate range that sports a PK system, the Falcon let's you fly dynamically and practice slalom-tasks as you build skills safely on a fun intermediate wing. The Falcon is an efficient performer in cross-country as well, significantly extending your range beyond the capabilities of the beginner reflex segment.

If you're growing in the sport, but still want to explore the different disciplines of advanced paramotor flight, the Falcon is an excellent progression wing to fly while keeping your options open.

Is it for me?

The Falcon is a true intermediate wing. Pilots who already have 1-2 seasons on a beginner wing (75+ flights) will love the Falcon for its speed, agility, and efficiency. PG pilots exploring PPG for the first time will love the efficiency and stability as they get their feet under them. Beyond flight characteristics, pilots who demand top-quality will love the build quality, precision, controls, and fit-and-finish of the Falcon.

If this sounds like you, give us a call and tell us your story! You don't have to make this decision alone, nor should you, and our team is here to steer you in the right direction to ensure your best chance of success in this awesome sport.

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