Niviuk Kourgar 2 Paramotor Wing
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Niviuk Kougar2

Fully equipped

Knowing that experienced paramotor pilots are always looking for fast, powerful and reliable paramotor wings enabling them to reach their goals, the Kougar 2 keeps the performance of the first generation glider but now delivers superior maximum speed with added safety.

Its inflating and lifting capacities are outstanding, thus eliminating the need for high speed during takeoff and landing. These huge advantages basically resulted from the RAM Air Intake technology used for the first time in paramotor design.

The RAM Air Intake permits to reach an optimal air inflow configuration (below the glider's leading edge aligned with the intrados) to obtain a rapid, progressive, stable inflation. This profile modification results in more comfortable faster and tighter glider turns.


Revolutionary technology

For the first time, RAM Air Intake technology is used on a compact and comfortable Paramotor wing to promote speed with safety.

Optimal inflation

The Kougar 2 inflates and takes off easily. The glider comes up effortlessly overhead in all flyable weather conditions.

Reflex system evo

An evolved Reflex System enhances the glider's abilities to perform while providing increased stability and fuel consumption optimization.

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