Electronics and Paramotoring Accessories


If you plan to fly with friends or in areas where there are other aircraft, radios are a key piece of kit to coordinate with others and help keep you seen.

  • There are peer to peer radios for keeping in touch with your buddies, and letting them know where you are or what you're doing if you've had to make an unexpected change of plan or course.
  • Aviation radios are important if you are flying near high-traffic areas or into airports, to help general traffic be aware of your location and intentions, and to coordinate with others.
  • There are also accessories to let you listen to your favorite tunes from your phone, yet let your radio conversations peek through when necessary.

Micro Avionics


We recommend using Micro Avionics gear for your helmet mounted headset and radios. We've used them in our school for quite some time, and find them to be very reliable.

MP001A PM-100 Stereo Paramotor Headset, Helmet Mount

Fully specified Bluetooth stereo paramotor headset (*Bluetooth Optional extra). Designed to be fastened to a CE marked safety helmet. No other manufacture has all these features. User can configure to work with any radio using hidden user settings.

Auxiliary connection for: Stereo Music, Mobile Telephone, Stereo Audio Out, Second Radio, Remote PTT, Tandem intercom.

Optional Bluetooth electronics for telephone connectivity, for telephone calls and music. The headset has ‘Side Tone’. Side tone enables the user to hear their own voice whilst transmitting; this eliminates the need to shout and transmits a clear audio transmission. Two headsets can be linked together for tandem use, using the optional tandem intercom lead.

Wouxun KG-UV86 Dual Band VHF/UHF Transceiver for PPG

The KG-UV86 is a versatile dual-band transceiver designed for international markets. Pre-programmed with 2m & PMR frequencies, it's perfect for paragliding, paramotoring, and more. Its strong signal, immunity to engine interference, and compatibility with MicroAvionics headsets make it a top choice.

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From strobe lights, to wing lights, to fancy light strips, being seen is always a good thing.

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