Team Fly Halo Competition Package

$13,149.00 $12,849.00


Team Fly Halo Competition Package

$13,149.00 $12,849.00

The ultimate paramotor and glider together as one forming the perfect combo for absolute aerial shredding.

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The ultimate package for pilots who demand the absolute best.  This setup is flown by team pilot Shane who demands every bit of performance out of his kit.

The Niviuk Dobermann is currently the fastest and most efficient competition level slalom reflex wing on the market.  Flying the Dobermann plus the missile like SCOUT Carbon Fiber Moster Plus 185 paramotor and you have one serious winning machine.    

Imagine accelerating to 40+ miles per hour all while flying an aircraft that you can launch with your feet.  Now snap out of it, your aircraft is already here!   The only question is, do you have the skills to fly this setup?

Save hundreds over buying each item individually. 



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