SCOUT Enduro Paramotor Moster Classic 185


SCOUT Enduro Paramotor Moster Classic 185


The SCOUT Enduro is the go anywhere do anything paramotor new to the SCOUT fleet.

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Built from high strength aluminum alloy, the SCOUT Enduro is the workhorse of the SCOUT fleet.   This design is rugged, strong and ready to take a beating.   The SCOUT Enduro is the perfect unit for a new pilot or those wanting something a little more rugged than the Carbon setup offered by SCOUT.

What are the main differences of the SCOUT Enduro over the Carbon Model?

  • Aluminum alloy 7075 cage
  • DTC Spars are reinforced with aircraft aluminum alloy 7075 and overlayed with carbon fiber.
  • Aluminum Skid Option (is also available on carbon model)
  • Capability to run both left and right turning prop setups.
  • Under 59lbs with Moster 185 Classic
  • Ideal setup for beginner to advanced pilots.

Standard Engine Options: Vittorazi Moster 185 variants (185 Plus, Silent or the Original)

Enduro Custom Engine Options: EOS Booster, Top-80 and more

Due to the unique design for the SCOUT Enduro,  nearly any engine can be made to fit the SCOUT frame.  Talk to us and see what we can build for you.   Please note that while we may be able to mount nearly any engine on this frame, we do have recommendations after trying many different combinations.

The Specs as equipped with standard Moster 185: 59lbs, 25.5 HP, 3.2 gallon gas tank, 125cm Helix propeller

The Scout Enduro comes with many unique features as standard:

  • Custom Harness load certified to 15G’s
  • Integrated Water Rescue System floatation collar, AKA: WRS (optional)
  • Integrated underseat reserve container
  • Aircraft Aluminum 7075 Cage
  • Aerodynamic carbon fiber overlay cage spars featuring Dynamic Torque Compensation
  • Proprietary throttle adjustable for left or right handed pilots, custom carbon throttle or Chameleon throttle optional
  • Helix 125cm carbon fiber propeller
  • Extreme portability

Included free upgrades for a limited time:

  • Cage Bags (pair)
  • Vittorazi V Throttle
  • SafeStart system protects pilot from a stuck throttle
  • Prop Cover

The following additional features are available from the factory as upgrades:

  • Integrated inflatable PFD harness insert – $285.00
  • Chameleon throttle – email for info
  • Integrated PPG Meter with fuel sensor – $272.00


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