SCOUT Carbon Paramotor 185


SCOUT Carbon Paramotor 185

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The SCOUT paramotor is packed with innovative features not yet seen in the powered paragliding market.

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The highly anticipated carbon fiber paramotor from Scout Paramotors.  The  Scout 185 is a new age paramotor built with many innovative safety features.   Powered by the vittorazi moster 185, the Scout is a light weight, high powered design weighing under 54 lbs.    Configured with a custom 132 cm prop from the factory, Scout is going to put out monster thrust!

Features of the Scout Paramotor:

Unique Carbon Fiber Design, SafeStart System, Integrated Water Rescue Ready Harness, Underseat Reserve Harness, Dynamic Torque Effect Cage, Aerodynamic Cage, Carbon Fiber Back Shield, and a Telescopic Stand.

Weight: 24 kg (53lbs)

Engine: Vittorazi Moster 185, possible to install other engines as well (only LEFT turning props)

Power: 25HP

Fuel tank: 12l (3.17 US gal)

Propeller: 132 cm, ground adjustable propeller as an option

Hangpoints: weight-shift, mid-high

Comfort harness with air-cussion on the back

Rescue chute container integrated into harness below seat

When packed, fits into dimensions: 92x64x37 cm (36x25x15 in)

Cage strength: medium, forward power starts possible.

torque compensation: Dynamic



1 review for SCOUT Carbon Paramotor 185

  1. halo

    Amazing design. Flies perfectly in the sky and looks incredible. Where has the SCOUT been all my life?

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