Niviuk Link Paramotor Wing


Niviuk Link Paramotor Wing


The Niviuk Link paramotor wing is a high performance EN-B wing designed specifically for motor flight.  This glider is efficient, fast and has handling that will keep a smile on your face, all while offering a safe, enjoyable ride through the sky.

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Our impressions of the Niviuk Link are summarized as a friendly intermediate glider that suits well-trained beginners; as well as intermediate and advanced pilots looking for an efficient, safe wing to progress into advanced flying.

Niviuk’s quality of materials and workmanship are apparent in the construction and design of the Link. Every detail is well thought-out, which makes the pilot’s connection to the glider easy and intuitive.

Launching characteristics of the Link prove that an easy inflation doesn’t have to be accompanied by a tendency to overshoot the pilot. The highly efficient classic paragliding profile makes for short launch runs and extremely effective flare authority. The result is a glider that is easy to launch in tough conditions, and easy to land with minimal runout.

In the air, the solid feel and non-talkative nature of the glider gives extreme confidence to pilots in all conditions. The pitch stability is supreme, while allowing dynamic and agile handling in the roll axis. This means that the Link is perfect for progressing into freestyle flying, low agility flying; or just easy, relaxed flight.

High energy retention, excellent pitch stability, easy launch and landing characteristics, and EN-B safety make the Link the perfect step in a discerning pilots’ progression.


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Technical Specifications:   Click Here to Download in PDF


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