Powered Paragliding Training Testimonials

team fly halo training 2012

Hearing about our powered paragliding training from us is one thing but our students feedback is what’s most important.  The following are un-edited comments from past students.

“I had the privilege of training with both Byron and Shane of team fly halo. There are many things that I will say about them but the thing that stands out to me the most is how conscientious they were about my safety above all. The spent countless hours drilling basic wing-handling skills into me instead of giving me “just enough” to get me into the air. I have come to realize just how important these skills are for a ppg pilot to obtain to remain safe throughout his years as a pilot. They wouldn’t let me fly until I had first mastered the wing, even though it meant hard work for me.

The second thing I will say about them is their patience and work ethic knows no bounds. I came to training to learn and not waste time. They were with me on the beach sunrise to sunset EVERYDAY and put just as much into my training as I did. They taught me not just how to fly but also when not to fly, how to read the weather, and how to prevent accidents. They didn’t treat this time as “a vacation” to the beach. Rather, I felt like their most important client which pretty much bonded me to these guys for life.

Also, something that told me a lot about their character is how well they maintain their equipment and train students to do the same. This is my life after all and they showed me they took my well-being seriously.

Finally, they continue to support me long after training is over. When you train with these guys, you get instructors for life. This is so important for a ppg pilot as you encounter new things everyday and need a good support team in place to answer the questions that arise. These guys aren’t just top-shelf instructors, they are great guys and now awesome friends of mine. Byron looks like a pirate and is a lousy fisherman. Shane wears weird hats and listens to Beyonce but I don’t hold all this against them :-)”

– Chad Vermillion

“I’ve been flying PPG since 2010 and have had the opportunity to train with Shane Denherder of Team Fly Halo a number of times over the past few years. I was immediately interested in flying with him because of his military helicopter background (I flew helicopters as well). His approach to teaching is thoughtful and he’s a very good judge of your abilities and at what pace you can learn. He understands not only all of the fundamentals but also the nuances and techniques to help you move to the next level as your skills improve. I’ve really appreciated all I’ve learned from him both in PPG and freeflying (he was also my instructor for my P2) and would highly recommend him if you’re serious about taking up the sport. Do yourself a favor and choose the best instructor right out of the gate.”

-Stefan T

“Big thanks to Shane Denherder and Byron Leisek (with Jared Leisek assisting) for an fantastic week of PPG training on the Oregon coast! The 8-day clinic was truly a life changing event for me, as I’m now hopelessly hooked on flying, and can’t wait to use it as a new platform for my photography after a 45-year career of shooting the world from the ground. The days were long (12-14 hours) and intense, but also fun and relaxed. Instruction was thorough, clear, patient, and well-paced – with lots of highs and lows (both soaring and planking) that steadily built our individual skills and confidence until we were ready and able to successfully fly. 

I’ve been fortunate to experience a lot of great adventures in my life, and I’d have to rank this week of training right up at the top of my list. Because now, as I turn 68 in a couple of days, I know the best is yet to come … and that’s a really great gift!”

– Ric E

“Shane & Byron, you guys are the best-Thanks for all your hard work and all the hours untangling our lines, emptying the sand from our wings and running up & down the dunes after us!”

Andy H

“Had a super fun time training with Byron and Shane at Fly Halo. I am a bit scared of heights and was very conerned with safety coming into this sport blind. They addressed my concerns and made me feel very comfortable in those apprehensive moments. I was able to reach my goal and fly solo. Stoked!!! It was a life changing experience I will never forget and I’m looking forward to progressing my skills at the next training session.”

Ryan S