The Proper Paraglider Wing Fold – Motor Minute #10

Anytime us motor pilots need to pack our wing down small, a lot of us are dumbfound at how to get properly fold the wing.   Well, we’ve finally released the secret.   ParaPlanking!   Seriously though,  if you need to pack your paraglider down small, follow this technique.   This method keeps the glider in great shape and lets you ship your wing for less!


Our buddies at SuperFly usually have some great stories of motor pilot wing repairs,  it seems a lot of people literally just stuff the glider in a box and send it off!    We hope you find this video beneficial and that it helps you the next time you need to get your wing folded right.

This marks Motor Minute number 10, thank you everyone for the great feedback, we plan to keep pumping these out! If you have any ideas for the next Motor Minute, let us know in the comments below.

Knowing Your Airspace Is a Must – No Excuses

shane denherder team fly halo

When it comes to our sport,  we have some of the greatest freedoms of  any form of aviation.  However,there are certain things that we as ultralight pilots must be incredibly diligent about understanding and following – Airspace Rules.

In this ‘Motor Minute‘ Shane shows us an easy way to research airspace for any flying location as well as a very helpful FAA tool that will help in figuring out all of those pesky little icons.


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Ain’t No body Got Time Fo Dat!

advance epsilon 7

That’s right, you read that correct.  Now take 2 minutes and watch the latest ‘Motor Minute’ from Team Fly Halo.


In this episode, Shane is testing out the new Advance Epsilon 7 paraglider and shows us how to properly pack the glider away in it’s stuff sack.   These new high tech gliders with plastic rod technology deserve special care when storing.

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Team Fly Halo



Reserve Parachute ‘Motor Minute’ Instruction

After some very popular videos came online of reserve deployment  and crashes, we decided people really needed to know what to do if they ever had to use their reserve.   Many people flying with reserves are not properly trained with them, they know they need to throw it off to the side but that’s about as far as it goes.  I know that I’ve witnessed a few training classes that never bring up the steps needed for a successful reserve deployment, and what to do after.    Those that have attended Team Fly Halo powered paragliding training already know what to do but this video makes for a good reference if you need a refresher!

Thanks to our lead flight instructor Shane Denherder and Chris Santacroce for putting this together.


Paraglider Wing Repair Motor Minute

In the latest motor minute episode, we teach you how to properly repair a paraglider with wing tape. Out in the field, sliced up your brand new glider? Watch the video and learn how you can keep on having a good time flying in this fun and informative motor minute.

No, we did not actually cut the Gin Mirage used in this video. Why is the production quality so good on this one? We have the power of Ryan Southwell! Ryan filmed and edited this video for us while we were out in Glamis Dunes, California. Hopefully one day, all of our videos will be at this level but for now, we really want to thank Ryan for working with us!

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More Cushion For The… The Latest Team Fly Halo ‘Motor Minute’

In this episode, Byron shows us a secret pocket on the back side of the Parajet Volution harness. This pocket works great for adding additional cushion to your harness or another place to store extra flying items like stuff sacks.

This pocket is more than likely on the back of most Apco based paramotor harnesses.

Look for us @ Salton Sea and be sure to come by and say hi. We’ll be there by mid week before heading to our February 13-22nd training on the California coast.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Speed Bar Installation and Techniques – Motor Minute Series

The latest video in our motor minute series comes from team pilot Shane Denherder. Shane goes over the basics of speed bar use and how to properly hook up the system on a Parajet Volution. Many pilots have never tried speed bar, those guys are really missing out. Speed bar is responsible for adding an overall higher top speed which can be great if caught in a stiff head wind or if you need to make it back to the LZ before it gets dark.


On many free flight gliders, speedbar is the only way to accelerate the glider unlike motor wings that have a trimmer system as well. When it comes to motoring wings, generally trimmers and speed bar account for an equal increase in speed such as 5/5 mph. Considering we fly some of the slowest forms of aviation, these are pretty big increases! Gliders like the Gin Mirage and Paramania GTR can fly at speeds up to and over 40mph (depending on wing loading) with speed bar at full fast!

On non reflex gliders, speed bar can lead to an easier collapse as it’s bringing down the leading edge making in more prone to tucking. Reflex gliders do this as well but they load the glider so that all of the weight is on the front towards the leading edge. This creates much higher wing loading and increases stability.

If you have any questions about how to properly hook up and use your gliders speed system, please give us a call or email!

The speed system should only be used by pilots that have the training to do so.  Video instruction is no substitute for proper teaching of the speed bar system.   Be sure you are experienced enough before going out and trying this on your own!

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