Kevin Antholt’s Paramotor Training Testimonial

The Morro Bay training was fantastic!

When I had decided to get into the sport I researched different companies, people and the different programs that they offered. It was very confusing because I wanted to get safe complete training at a reasonable price. So who do you believe when everyone says they are the best and then bash the other guys. After speaking with Byron a few times on the phone I decided to sign up for the Morro Bay training class.

Some determining factors were it would be less risk to do the training on someone else’s equipment and make sure it was something I really could do.
I liked that Byron didn’t get into the bashing of other training programs but focused on what they do to make me a safe pilot.

Also liked the that when I brought up equipment purchase he slowed me down and said “let’s see how you fly first then we can make recommendations”. After the phone conversation I felt he had my interest in mind not just trying to make money.

Best decision I made! Shane, Byron and Boyd are not only great guys but have the experience and patience to train an 51 year old out of shape guy like me. They covered everything in detail, no pressure, learn at your pace, praise when you do it right and detailed instruction when it wasn’t without making you feel like a tool. I could remember questioning in my mind why we had to keep doing things so repetitively but when it came time to fly and the muscle memory kicked in it all made sense.

I also like the fact that the equipment they offer is top notch and tested by them before they even sell it. There was never any pressure to purchase anything which was nice also.

Having a private pilot’s license since the age of 18 I’m familiar with the concept of flying so I say this with a little bit of experience. If you are thinking of getting into this sport please don’t fall for the gimmick of getting trained in a few days on the equipment they make you purchase, it will take longer than that, it will take time to understand and build skills. Stay safe and go with the best, get trained with Team Fly Halo so you can make it a fun, confident and long lasting sport for yourself.

TFH Paramotor Training Review By Jonathan Hart

“I learned paragliding, and had flown for a few years, but was not entirely happy with the amount of para-waiting involved with free flight. After spending several months watching YouTube videos and dreaming, I decided to ‘convert’ to paramotoring seeking a wider window of flyable time. I started out by interviewing several instructors. I knew I wanted instruction from a solid, safe instructor and I began shortlisting programs using the USPPA instructor list. I started calling the programs that trained near me, talked to local pilots, and read lots of feedback. In the end, I was most confident in the Team Fly Halo guys and took lessons from them in Central California in January 2014.

In particular, I liked the full emersion aspect of the TFH training program, which really builds skills in so many areas (kiting, paragliding, motoring, judgment), and it’s completely comprehensive on all aspects of the sport (weather, regulations, maintenance, safety, etc). Shane and Byron (the instructors) are really focused on improving your individual skills and you learning at your own pace. They have invented games to make training fun and engaging, and they create a low pressure, safe and fun atmosphere for learning. I personally had a wonderful time and consider them good guys whom I hope to have long term instruction.

Shane and Byron are both accomplished pilots in paramotoring, but also in other such things that go up, such as airplanes, helicopters, paragliders, speedflying, balloons, drones, etc. With such a broad love for flight they have developed very strong instruction and experience. They really enjoy flying and their enthusiasm, humor, and love for the air is infectious.

Anyone seeking comprehensive paramotor instruction should have Team Fly Halo on the top of their list.”

Thanks guys!
Jonathan Hart

Team Fly Halo Powered Paragliding Training Reviewed By Jay H

Over the past 8 days I had the opportunity to receive training from the instructors at Team FlyHalo just outside of Galveston Texas. Being new to the sport, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. From the onset, Shane Denherder put the students at ease and gave a great intro into kiting and the proper techniques of handling the wing.

You could tell that there was a genuine interest from the instructors to ensure that each student was safe and had a good understanding of the syllabus and what was expected for the next week. Kiting and form was instructed during the mornings and evenings when the wind was preferable. Ground school was held indoors during the heat of the day.

All the basis were covered from airspace, FAA regs, gear, handling the wing, motor maintenance, and proper set up of rigging. These guys were extremely thorough! When the time came to solo, we had a genuine comfort level from the preparedness we had received. They wanted to make sure that each of us had the knowledge and tools to make a successful and enjoyable solo flight.

For anyone considering getting into power paragliding, instruction and training is a must and the group at Team FlyHalo are the best in the field.  Training with them is a great confidence builder and it prepares you far beyond what you could do on your own.  Another added benefit is being able to use them as resources, bounce ideas, and ask questions even after the training is over and you’ve gone home- they are very responsive. I highly recommend this group of instructors and I will continue to use them for future training.  They get five stars in my book.

Stay safe,
Jay Howard

Oregon Powered Paragliding Training Video By Eddie Carter

Eddie Carter came out to fly with Team Fly Halo this past July and put together a really awesome clip of his time with us during our powered paragliding training. This video just gives you a glimpse of what it’s like training with us as well as the shenanigans that take place on the trip.  We like to make the time you spend with us very memorable with a focus on safety and FUN! Friendships that last a lifetime are pretty standard when you spend a week with us.



We are looking forward to continuing these trips so if you’re interested in signing up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Eddie,  please come out to every training trip we do.  Between the photos and now this video, you rock man!

Team Fly Halo Paragliding and Motoring Training Reviewed By Adam Broadway

adam broadway kiting

30 years ago, the training I got to perform CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) was “the right way”.

And it saved lives.

Since then, better CPR techniques have been adapted and more lives saved than the “old way”.

It might seem like a strange analogy, but the same could be considered for paragliding and PPG training techniques

I started free flying paraglider’s 16 years ago off the coast of Melbourne, Australia and in-land in the gorgeous green mountains of Bright.

What I learned then was popular ‘conventional wisdom’, “the right way” to fly.

I spent the last 2 years trawling every forum, watching all the videos, emailing and phoning various people before commiting to a training camp with Fly Halo.

In the first 2 hours of training with Byron of Team Fly Halo he’d undone years of ‘conventional wisdom’ and took my take-off, ground-handling and kiting skills to another level of awesome. Life saving stuff.

If you’ve been free flying for years and want to learn PPG AND get any old habits dealt with, then check them out.

Best week I’ve had in a very long time.

Attentive – Byron was not distracted by phone calls, doing deals or having overly large class sizes.
Byron’s laser focus was on the students the whole time. All day. Every day.

Patient – I asked the same question over and over again (I’m a little slower than most) and was never made to feel stupid or inferior.
Byron showed a technique, then watched me, corrected, watched, corrected until I got it right.

Knowledgeable – Every question asked were answered immediately with clear answers.
Based on his real-life experience.

Good Blokes – I’ve interacted with Jeff, Shane and Byron and it’s always been professional and a whole lot of fun.

If you’re thinking about learning Powered Paragliding or transferring your free-flight paragliding knowledge to PPG, then definitely contact Team Fly Halo.

I’m looking forward to many years of safe, fun and respectful flying thanks to their training.

Feel free to contact me directly to verify this testimonial.
(It’s not one of those crowd-sourced fake ones I’ve found on other sites).

Stefan T Shares His Thoughts About Team Fly Halo Training

“I’ve been flying PPG since 2010 and have had the opportunity to train with Shane Denherder of Team Fly Halo a number of times over the past few years. I was immediately interested in flying with him because of his military helicopter background (I flew helicopters as well). His approach to teaching is thoughtful and he’s a very good judge of your abilities and at what pace you can learn. He understands not only all of the fundamentals but also the nuances and techniques to help you move to the next level as your skills improve. I’ve really appreciated all I’ve learned from him both in PPG and freeflying (he was also my instructor for my P2) and would highly recommend him if you’re serious about taking up the sport. Do yourself a favor and choose the best instructor right out of the gate.”

-Stefan T


Ric Ergenbright Shares His Thoughts about Team Fly Halo Paragliding Training

“Big thanks to Shane Denherder and Byron Leisek (with Jared Leisek assisting) for an fantastic week of PPG training on the Oregon coast! The 8-day clinic was truly a life changing event for me, as I’m now hopelessly hooked on flying, and can’t wait to use it as a new platform for my photography after a 45-year career of shooting the world from the ground. The days were long (12-14 hours) and intense, but also fun and relaxed. Instruction was thorough, clear, patient, and well-paced – with lots of highs and lows (both soaring and planking) that steadily built our individual skills and confidence until we were ready and able to successfully fly. 

I’ve been fortunate to experience a lot of great adventures in my life, and I’d have to rank this week of training right up at the top of my list. Because now, as I turn 68 in a couple of days, I know the best is yet to come … and that’s a really great gift!”

– Ric E

Chad Vermillion Talks Team Fly Halo Paramotor Training

“I had the privilege of training with both Byron and Shane of team fly halo. There are many things that I will say about them but the thing that stands out to me the most is how conscientious they were about my safety above all. The spent countless hours drilling basic wing-handling skills into me instead of giving me “just enough” to get me into the air. I have come to realize just how important these skills are for a ppg pilot to obtain to remain safe throughout his years as a pilot. They wouldn’t let me fly until I had first mastered the wing, even though it meant hard work for me.

The second thing I will say about them is their patience and work ethic knows no bounds. I came to training to learn and not waste time. They were with me on the beach sunrise to sunset EVERYDAY and put just as much into my training as I did. They taught me not just how to fly but also when not to fly, how to read the weather, and how to prevent accidents. They didn’t treat this time as “a vacation” to the beach. Rather, I felt like their most important client which pretty much bonded me to these guys for life.

Also, something that told me a lot about their character is how well they maintain their equipment and train students to do the same. This is my life after all and they showed me they took my well-being seriously.

Finally, they continue to support me long after training is over. When you train with these guys, you get instructors for life. This is so important for a ppg pilot as you encounter new things everyday and need a good support team in place to answer the questions that arise. These guys aren’t just top-shelf instructors, they are great guys and now awesome friends of mine. Byron looks like a pirate and is a lousy fisherman. Shane wears weird hats and listens to Beyonce but I don’t hold all this against them :-) ”

– Chad Vermillion

Team Fly Halo Paragliding Training Testimonial From Ryan S

Tillamook Cheese Ryan S

“Had a super fun time training with Byron and Shane at Fly Halo. I am a bit scared of heights and was very concerned with safety coming into this sport blind. They addressed my concerns and made me feel very comfortable in those apprehensive moments. I was able to reach my goal and fly solo. Stoked!!! It was a life changing experience I will never forget and I’m looking forward to progressing my skills at the next training session.”

– Ryan S