TFH Paramotor Training Review By Jonathan Hart

“I learned paragliding, and had flown for a few years, but was not entirely happy with the amount of para-waiting involved with free flight. After spending several months watching YouTube videos and dreaming, I decided to ‘convert’ to paramotoring seeking a wider window of flyable time. I started out by interviewing several instructors. I knew I wanted instruction from a solid, safe instructor and I began shortlisting programs using the USPPA instructor list. I started calling the programs that trained near me, talked to local pilots, and read lots of feedback. In the end, I was most confident in the Team Fly Halo guys and took lessons from them in Central California in January 2014.

In particular, I liked the full emersion aspect of the TFH training program, which really builds skills in so many areas (kiting, paragliding, motoring, judgment), and it’s completely comprehensive on all aspects of the sport (weather, regulations, maintenance, safety, etc). Shane and Byron (the instructors) are really focused on improving your individual skills and you learning at your own pace. They have invented games to make training fun and engaging, and they create a low pressure, safe and fun atmosphere for learning. I personally had a wonderful time and consider them good guys whom I hope to have long term instruction.

Shane and Byron are both accomplished pilots in paramotoring, but also in other such things that go up, such as airplanes, helicopters, paragliders, speedflying, balloons, drones, etc. With such a broad love for flight they have developed very strong instruction and experience. They really enjoy flying and their enthusiasm, humor, and love for the air is infectious.

Anyone seeking comprehensive paramotor instruction should have Team Fly Halo on the top of their list.”

Thanks guys!
Jonathan Hart

Porta Potty Speed Flying With Shane

Come take a ride with Shane as he enjoys a speed flying session at Point of the Mountain, Utah.  Speed flying skills translate to better and more efficient launches & landings with any wing you’re flying.

We’re gearing up to start running some speed flying clinics in the near future, if this is something you would be interested in, give us a shout!

Bye Bye, Dudek :/

Team Fly Halo has decided to no longer represent Dudek Paragliders as a dealer in the USA.

Since this past summer, Team Fly Halo has enjoyed flying and representing Dudek in the most positive way possible. We have come to realize that within the US, the brand is more suited to a single-source of representation vs. having a network of dealers. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to send all inquiries about Dudek to it’s USA distributor, Paradrenalin –

It’s all good! We still think they’re a great brand and wish them the very best in the USA market! We’ll miss you guys! Those customers who have purchased Dudek gliders from Team Fly Halo can still count on us for service and support for the life of their wing.

Team Fly Halo

Forward Launching Techniques – Team Fly Halo Radio Interview

Chris Pine of  came by to see us at our recent Morro Bay training session.  It was great hanging out with Chris and we got a chance to discuss some forward launching techniques with him in an interview.    For those of you who’ve never listened to Chris,  he does a really great job.  Professional would be an understatement.

So check it out – here is Episode 12 from    Give Chris’ site some love!

Our interview starts around the 10:00 minute mark.




DEMO SCOUT 185 Paramotor Sale

2013 SCOUT Carbon Fiber Paramotor

$7500 with reserve

Up for sale is our 2013 Demo SCOUT flown by Shane Denherder. This unit has 30 hours total on the motor and frame.

Comes with Team Fly Halo throttle, prop covers, safe start system, 52″ SCOUT prop, cage bags and a travel suit case. Also included is the clear bra kit to protect the carbon fiber.

40m Gin Yeti reserve has recently been repacked, already installed in the SCOUT under-seat reserve container.

Still under warranty until May 2014.

Come Join Us At The 2014 Arizona Flying Circus Feb 14-16th

Get ready for a flying event like no other you’ve experienced before.  Airplanes, helicopters, gyros, cannons, guns, and oh yea – lots of paramotors.   This fly in takes place every winter in sunny Arizona.   For the last few years, Mo Sheldon has been having the event at his own private airport – MoTown.     We’d love for you to join Team Fly Halo at this exciting event.

AZFlying Circus


For more information on the fly in or to register, please visit the official Arizona Flying Circus web page.  We’ll see you there!

We’ve Got A Brother Down

Our powered paragliding community is a very tight knit group of guys and girls that absolutely love this sport.  We are really all just one big family and in times of need – we come together as one.

One of our good friends in this sport, Eric Farewell  had a bad crash yesterday morning and sustained a broken back.  Eric is currently being checked out by Doctors but reports are very good so far.  He doesn’t need surgery but will have a long road to a full recovery.

Eric has a very loving family who are there with him but we know things are going to be tough for them in the coming months as Eric recovers.    We want to help his family during this tough time and could use your help.     For the rest of the month, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Eric and his family from Team Fly Halo t-shirts sold.

100% of proceeds from all items in our SpreadShirt store will go to Eric and his family. – Shirts sold for Eric:  19

Don’t want to buy a t-shirt but still want to help?  Please visit  and send what you can for Eric and his awesome family.

You can get in touch with Eric on his FB page,  let him know he’s got friends all over the place and we are here to help!

p.s. Thanks Obama!


A Rewarding Tandem Flight with Shane and the SCOUT Paramotor

As pilots, we all remember our very first flight, that euphoric feeling you just can’t explain without actually experiencing it.     This past summer we had the opportunity to catch a really awesome reaction from a tandem passenger shortly after touch down with her pilot – Shane Denherder.

This is a short film shot and edited by our good friend Ryan Southwell.
We can always use more positive vibes in this sport so please, like and share with our community to keep things up beat.   The feeling of flying PPG is like no other form of flight, we want to bring more people into this sport who enjoy it as much as we do.  Reactions like this make it all worth while.  If you’re interested in a tandem paramotor flight, let us know!

Customer Reactions to The Dudek Snake

We’ve gotten feedback from our customers on the new Dudek Snake, here’s what we’re hearing about the most exciting reflex glider to hit the market in a long time –

I was blown away on the two short flights I had on the new Dudek 18m.  The 18m Snake had as much or more lift than any wing I currently own.   My first flight I was climbing while fumbling with my GPS and cameras.  Next thing I knew I looked down and thought WOW, how did I get this high up so fast?   I did a few hard asymmetric turns and dropped back down.   I started another climb and watched the GPS vertical speed peg 400 fpm consistently.   The next morning I got up and flew again for a second short flight to reaffirm my fun the day before.  This time I watched RPM on my Moster 185.  Level flight for me was around 6,200 rpm which is the same rpm’s required on my 22 GTR. 

 The 18 Snake easily climbed as good as my 22 GTR or my 23m EVO.   Order placed same day.  I think the 18m Snake will be a great fit in my wing collection.” 
– Eddie C
“You want to buy a LC18?  I’ll give you a good deal on it”
– Travis H
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