Zip Ties and Paramotors, like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Lets face it, zip ties are pretty much the best invention ever known to man!  I can almost guarantee that there isn’t a paramotor on the market that doesn’t have something zip tied, but how long has it been since you checked the integrity of those crafty plastic securing straps?  Over time, the plastic can become brittle, stretched or just broken and ineffective.  Take some time this weekend and replace any and all zip ties on your paramotor.  It’s an inexpensive maintenance project that will ensure things stay secure in flight.

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Keep your PPG clean.

Don’t be a clown.. wipe it down.

Last year I was meeting up with a group of friends to go paramotoring.  I was asked by one of the pilots if I wouldn’t mind flying his unit because it was having some “tuning issues”.  On visual inspection of his Paramotor.. it looked like a Smokers Jet Ski from the movie Waterworld, which didn’t give me much confidence that it had been taken care of mechanically. 

If your paramotor is running fine, why clean it?  Below are a few reasons:

-Build up on the head or cylinder can lead to overheating

-Build up on the muffler can lead to hot spots and can lead to cracking.

-Excess build up or debris near the air box can lead to a clogged air filter that can cause tuning issues

-Excess build up or debris near the air box can lead to that mess getting into your carburetor and cause tuning issues or lean your engine out and burn a hole in the piston.

-And most importantly.. It just looks like you care 😉

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