Remembering a legend – Jeff Toll Update

As an update to the tragic announcement last week about Team Fly Halo pilot Jeff Toll’s passing, we wanted to let our friends know what’s been happening. For those that didn’t hear, Jeff was involved in a fatal paramotor accident on Tuesday, September 16th. The cause of the accident is still being investigated by our team as well as other industry experts.

Jeff’s flying friends Keith, Micah, and Mike have dedicated his local flying spot in Chesapeake, VA as the “Jeff Toll Memorial Field.” A memorial celebration of Jeff’s life was held on Saturday the 20th with a large bonfire, food, and as all would expect – a huge turn out of family and friends.

Jeff Toll Memorial Field

That night, everyone realized that Jeff’s favorite place to fly was special, and that it needs to be preserved and shared. We want to thank his friends for commemorating him in such a big way. We are working with his friends and the landowner to make an annual fly-in happen, commemorating Jeff’s life and his passion of flying in this special place.

Check out the Facebook “places” page for Jeff Toll Memorial Field. His flying friends, as well as the field’s owner would love to see your support in keeping Jeff’s memory alive – be sure to “like” their page and drop them a message saying thanks.

There was an overwhelming amount of community support in the Chesapeake, VA area for Jeff. We want to thank Liz Palka and WAVY News ch10 for their diligence in reporting Jeff’s passing in a respectful and accurate way during their broadcast on Friday, the 19th.  Initial reports said that Jeff collided with a set of power lines, but after further investigation, State Police ruled out this as being the cause of the accident.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 1.07.00 AM

Jeff’s official memorial service was on Tuesday, September 23rd. Again, an absolutely overwhelming amount of love and support from many family and friends. Five different speakers with touching remembrances celebrating different aspects of Jeff’s life. All echoed the same message – that Jeff was a great man.

Ryan Southwell made a miraculous effort to deliver a video with Jeff’s words explaining his love of paramotoring. The video, which concluded the ceremony, was filmed at the Black Rock Desert three weeks before his passing.

Team Fly Halo’s “offices” are now officially re-opened as we begin to move forward and redefine our company without our dear friend. Jeff contributed in a huge way in communications, social media, and organization. Scout Paramotors USA,  Niviuk Paramotor Wings USA, and Team Fly Halo are all be back online – but may look slightly different from here on out.

We appreciate all the support and condolences the community has sent us through this difficult time regarding Jeff’s passing. We want to take another opportunity to raise awareness about the fundraising effort that was set up to help Jeff’s family through his loss. Any contributions are greatly appreciated, and the support so far has been through the roof.

Keith Butt, a close friend to Jeff and the Toll family, is organizing a fundraising Bon Fire event on Nov 1st.  Music, food, celebration, and the $20 cover charge goes to the family of Jeff Toll.

Team Fly Halo carries on the spirit of Jeff’s vision for the organization, and his estate will continue to benefit financially as a co-founder of Team Fly Halo from future business operations.

Our friend – Jeff Toll


Friends of Team Fly Halo:

We are shocked, and deeply saddened to have learned that our partner and friend, Jeff Toll, passed away in a tragic paramotoring accident yesterday.

Those who had the pleasure of knowing Jeff knew that he was the best kind of person.  He had a lot of love in his heart for people – all people, a great sense of humor, and a presence about him that ensured a good time for all involved.  He will be sorely missed by his family with whom he was very close, and perhaps most of all by his wife Jessica.

Jeff was a skilled paramotor pilot – one of the best in the country.  This truly is a tragic accident that reminds us all of our own mortality, and serves as a reminder that regardless of how skilled or calculating we are – accidents can happen.  Though we wish to eventually learn of how and what happened, we have no wish to discuss or comment about it for the time being.

Please respect Jeff’s memory, as well as his family and friends’ peace and serenity, as we grieve through his loss and the huge wake he leaves behind.  We will be taking a hiatus from normal business operations for the coming weeks as we decide where to go from here.

Jeff – you were without a doubt our favorite wingman, and our best friend.  Not a day will go by without us thinking of how you influenced and enriched our lives.  We are so lucky to have known you, and had you as part of the team for these few short years.  

You’re a legend, and we already miss you more than you know.

-Shane & Byron

Click below for a video prepared by Ryan Southwell, celebrating Jeff’s love for flight.




Paramotor Training Spooky Sesh – October 17-26th, Morro Bay California

Team Fly Halo is gearing up for yet another paramotor training session in Morro Bay, this October 17-26th.   Halloween costumes are optional,  come on out and lets get you airborne!

Please contact us for additional details on the class or any questions you may have @ / 855-FLY-HALO

Morro Bay, CA has officially become our training headquarters this year and we will now predominately have classes at this location. In the past we have spread out our events through out the year in California, Oregon and Texas.After teaching in these locations for 2 years, Morro Bay has stood out to us as being the top location for putting out the best pilots. The weather is better and the location is an ideal training environment. We’re all about our students success and we now feel that it’s best reached at our Morro Bay location.

Come join us in Morro Bay from October 17th through the 26th and we’ll take you on one unforgettable flying adventure. Flying in? We can pick you up from San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP).

What does it cost and what do you get?
Our course runs @ $2500.00 and here’s what you get-
Gear Rental
Equipment Demo’s
We limit each class to 6 total students, 3 per instructor to give as much one on one time as possible.

Please note that we require payment up front for this course.   We typically book accommodations with beach houses and in order to do that, we need confirmation that students are 100% locked in, otherwise we are out some very expensive rental fees.     For this reason, we ask that you try to not to procrastinate joining too long 🙂

For the full details on our course and what we’re all about, please visit our paramotor training page.