Time To Be A Tease! Say Hello to the SCOUT Enduro Paramotor

Psssst! This is the new paramotor cage system from SCOUT Paramotors.

We’d like to introduce you to the stronger, more durable frame system capable of running a variety of different engines with both left turning and right turning props. This new design features a stainless steel cage and skid system that will be able to take a beating and fly another day.

The SCOUT Enduro is the beginner pilot setup we’ve all been waiting for. It’s definitely not just for beginners though, this unit will handle nearly just as well in the sky as the Carbon model but with the added durability on the ground. SCOUT team pilot Javier Lopez is currently flying the Enduro at the World Slalom championships and is doing quite well. He’s running a Polini Thor 250 out back for insane amounts of power.

We will have more details and published numbers on the SCOUT Enduro in the coming weeks. Until then, we’ll be leaking more photos of the unit so stay tuned for more!