SCOUT Paramotor Harness Load Tested to 5,058 LBS

SCOUT Paramotors has just passed a pretty significant milestone after completing EN testing on the SCOUT harness.  The load testing surpassed 5,000 pounds of pressure on the harness which is the equivalent to 15g’s!

The SCOUT harness is certified according to European Standard EN 1651 to 5,058.2025 pounds.

What does that even mean?  Pilots can fly the SCOUT with the comfort of knowing they can throw whatever they want at the SCOUT harness in an aerial assault of acro.  The SCOUT harness is up to the task.    A pilot with the in flight weight of 330 pounds (150KG) can pull a whopping 15G’s and maintain certification. The testing was done with the SCOUT swing arms and hinge system in place to ensure the SCOUT under load will handle extreme G forces.   At that amount of G force, they would be long passed out before any structural failures!

Congratulations to the SCOUT team in Slovakia as well as the gifted harness design company that helped make this a reality!