Niviuk Kougar 2 Action Reel Video

The Niviuk Kougar 2 paramotor wing landed in the USA last week and we’ve been thrilled to say the least.   Unfortunately, weather has not been cooperating with us but we did manage to get in a short 20 minute flight to capture some rather stunning footage.  Thanks to James Allred for filming and editing,  you make us look good buddy!

We hope to get more testing in soon of the Niviuk Kougar 2 and we’ll be doing a detailed review in the near future.   The Niviuk Dobermann is also going to be coming over  the pond soon, we hope to see it in early July so we can begin testing on that as well.   Patience!! 🙂

2 Replies to “Niviuk Kougar 2 Action Reel Video”

  1. jeff williams says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to get mine. When will it be availiable to the masses?
    Looking forward to it.


    1. halo says:

      Very soon Jeff! We’ll be in touch.

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