Paramotor Camping: High Desert

Last Fall, Team Fly Halo along with Ryan Southwell films set out on an unforgettable camping and flying adventure in Monument Valley, Utah. Friends joined each other for 2 unforgettable nights in the high desert with a very unique view of the world below.


SCOUT Ultralight Aircraft Now for Sale on

Big news, we’ve just partnered up with!  Read the press release below for more info.

Redmond, Oregon, March 13, 2014 — SCOUT Paramotors, the world’s first carbon fiber built backpack aircraft has reached another world first.   SCOUT Parmaotors has teamed up with the largest online retailer to become the first ever powered aircraft to be sold on

About SCOUT Paramotors:

SCOUT Paramotors, manufactured in Slovakia are one of the most technologically advanced backpack-powered aircraft to go on sale in the consumer flying market.  They are built from aluminum and carbon fiber and feature state of the art technologies not found in other paramotor aircraft.

SCOUT is imported in the USA by Team Fly Halo, a paramotor training center offering complete sales and service to pilots within the USA.    Team Fly Halo is a certified flight school with credential from the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) and United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA).  In business since 20012, Team Fly Halo aims make the sport of powered paragliding more nationally known. For more information, visit

TFH Paramotor Training Review By Jonathan Hart

“I learned paragliding, and had flown for a few years, but was not entirely happy with the amount of para-waiting involved with free flight. After spending several months watching YouTube videos and dreaming, I decided to ‘convert’ to paramotoring seeking a wider window of flyable time. I started out by interviewing several instructors. I knew I wanted instruction from a solid, safe instructor and I began shortlisting programs using the USPPA instructor list. I started calling the programs that trained near me, talked to local pilots, and read lots of feedback. In the end, I was most confident in the Team Fly Halo guys and took lessons from them in Central California in January 2014.

In particular, I liked the full emersion aspect of the TFH training program, which really builds skills in so many areas (kiting, paragliding, motoring, judgment), and it’s completely comprehensive on all aspects of the sport (weather, regulations, maintenance, safety, etc). Shane and Byron (the instructors) are really focused on improving your individual skills and you learning at your own pace. They have invented games to make training fun and engaging, and they create a low pressure, safe and fun atmosphere for learning. I personally had a wonderful time and consider them good guys whom I hope to have long term instruction.

Shane and Byron are both accomplished pilots in paramotoring, but also in other such things that go up, such as airplanes, helicopters, paragliders, speedflying, balloons, drones, etc. With such a broad love for flight they have developed very strong instruction and experience. They really enjoy flying and their enthusiasm, humor, and love for the air is infectious.

Anyone seeking comprehensive paramotor instruction should have Team Fly Halo on the top of their list.”

Thanks guys!
Jonathan Hart