Polini Thor 190: A New Contender in the High Power / Weight Category

For the most part, Vittorazi’s Moster 185 has sat on its own in the 13KG category for those engines with 25+ HP.   Polini has just entered the stage and have a very promising looking engine on the way.   Coming in at 13.2KG and producing an impressive 27HP, the Polini Thor 190 will be a great choice for many horsepower junkies that love staying light.     According to Polini, the Thor 190 will go on sale in February of 2014.

Here are the specs on this new engine:

Polini Engine 2 stroke monocylinder
Cooling Forced air
Bore for stroke 64 x 60
Displacement 193 cm3
Power 27 HP a 7400 R.P.M.
Cylinder Aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Compression ratio 11,4:1
Piston Two chromium plated rings mm 1
Intake Reed valve in the crankcase
Carburetor Walbro
Air filter Air box
Ignition Electronic with inductive discharge
Battery charger prearrangement Output power 80 W at 5500 RPM (with electric starter only)
Spark plug hood 5k Ω resistance
Fuel type Lead free petrol with 2% synthetic oil
Gear reduction unit Belt transmission with 2,83 reduction ratio
Starter (Option electric starter) Pull starter with self-winding rope.
Clutch Not supplied
Muffler Expansion with aluminum silencer
Engine weight 13,2 Kg (15,3 with electric starter)
Propeller rotation Counter clockwise
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2 thoughts on “Polini Thor 190: A New Contender in the High Power / Weight Category

    • Hey Jacob, the motor is not out yet, we don’t have pricing. We should know more closer to it’s release date in February. Keep watching the site for updates!

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