Paramotor Training Schedule for August and September

Our July paramotor training session is fully underway.   We completely sold out of our July class and are expecting the same to happen in August.      If you’re considering training with Fly Halo,  be sure to get in contact with us before we run out of space.

Our upcoming training schedule is as follows:

Summer Season

Pacific City, OR : August 24-September 2nd   – 4 more spots available.  This is the last training in Oregon before we move to Galveston for the Fall season.

Fall Season

Galveston, TX:   September 14-22 – 4 more spots available.  


Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more pictures from our July class,  the guys are currently having a ton of fun kiting and soaring the giant sand dunes in Pacific, City.  They will soon be strapping on motor in the coming days and taking their first motor flights!

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3 thoughts on “Paramotor Training Schedule for August and September

    • Hi John,

      Our classes run @ 2,500 for out training membership. It allows you life long training from us should you ever wish to return to one of our classes. During the first class, this price also covers your lodging. Please email us for more info as we do not check the website comments daily.

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