Coolest Launch Contest: Win a Sena SMH10R Bluetooth Headset

sena smh10r bluetooth device

We’re kicking off summer with a fun contest for paramotor pilots around the world.  Our contest calls for pilots to submit clips of them performing the coolest, smoothest launches.   Taking off is our most awkward phase of flight and we aim to make it look as cool as possible.  If you pull off the win,  you’ll be receiving a brand new Sena SMH10R bluetooth headset.  

We are accepting entries until the 31st of July.   At that point, we will compile all of the clips and publish a video online.  The winner is chosen by you,  everyone gets to vote on their favorite smoothest launch.  We’ll have more details on that later.  For now, focus on making yourself look good on launch and getting us the footage!  Please upload to Google drive if possible and share it with    

We would appreciate it if HD clips were only used.  Looking good is in part thanks to a nice camera so please don’t send us a choppy cell phone video that your mother took while filming her toes 🙂

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