Dudek Paragliders – Paramotoring Wings Tested and Approved

Last month in Florida Team Fly Halo tested out some of Dudek Paragliders range of reflex gliders.   Specifically, we put the Dudek Hadron through its paces and the feedback we’ve received from our pilots has been nothing but awesome.    We loved it so much that we had to have one!   Team Fly Halo has decided to feature Dudek Paragliders as our main option for pilots wanting a reflex based powered paragliding wing to go along side Gin’s line up.

Here is Shane Denherder tearing it up last month on the Dudek Hadron with Jeff Goin filming.


If you have any questions or are interested in flying a Dudek Paraglider, give us a ring or email us anytime.

855-FLY-HALO – team@flyhalo.com


Knowing Your Airspace Is a Must – No Excuses

shane denherder team fly halo

When it comes to our sport,  we have some of the greatest freedoms of  any form of aviation.  However,there are certain things that we as ultralight pilots must be incredibly diligent about understanding and following – Airspace Rules.

In this ‘Motor Minute‘ Shane shows us an easy way to research airspace for any flying location as well as a very helpful FAA tool that will help in figuring out all of those pesky little icons.


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Team Fly Halo Paragliding and Motoring Training Reviewed By Adam Broadway

adam broadway kiting

30 years ago, the training I got to perform CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) was “the right way”.

And it saved lives.

Since then, better CPR techniques have been adapted and more lives saved than the “old way”.

It might seem like a strange analogy, but the same could be considered for paragliding and PPG training techniques

I started free flying paraglider’s 16 years ago off the coast of Melbourne, Australia and in-land in the gorgeous green mountains of Bright.

What I learned then was popular ‘conventional wisdom’, “the right way” to fly.

I spent the last 2 years trawling every forum, watching all the videos, emailing and phoning various people before commiting to a training camp with Fly Halo.

In the first 2 hours of training with Byron of Team Fly Halo he’d undone years of ‘conventional wisdom’ and took my take-off, ground-handling and kiting skills to another level of awesome. Life saving stuff.

If you’ve been free flying for years and want to learn PPG AND get any old habits dealt with, then check them out.

Best week I’ve had in a very long time.

Attentive – Byron was not distracted by phone calls, doing deals or having overly large class sizes.
Byron’s laser focus was on the students the whole time. All day. Every day.

Patient – I asked the same question over and over again (I’m a little slower than most) and was never made to feel stupid or inferior.
Byron showed a technique, then watched me, corrected, watched, corrected until I got it right.

Knowledgeable – Every question asked were answered immediately with clear answers.
Based on his real-life experience.

Good Blokes – I’ve interacted with Jeff, Shane and Byron and it’s always been professional and a whole lot of fun.

If you’re thinking about learning Powered Paragliding or transferring your free-flight paragliding knowledge to PPG, then definitely contact Team Fly Halo.

I’m looking forward to many years of safe, fun and respectful flying thanks to their training.

Feel free to contact me directly to verify this testimonial.
(It’s not one of those crowd-sourced fake ones I’ve found on other sites).

Stefan T Shares His Thoughts About Team Fly Halo Training

“I’ve been flying PPG since 2010 and have had the opportunity to train with Shane Denherder of Team Fly Halo a number of times over the past few years. I was immediately interested in flying with him because of his military helicopter background (I flew helicopters as well). His approach to teaching is thoughtful and he’s a very good judge of your abilities and at what pace you can learn. He understands not only all of the fundamentals but also the nuances and techniques to help you move to the next level as your skills improve. I’ve really appreciated all I’ve learned from him both in PPG and freeflying (he was also my instructor for my P2) and would highly recommend him if you’re serious about taking up the sport. Do yourself a favor and choose the best instructor right out of the gate.”

-Stefan T


The Latest Scout Paramotor Review By Justin Brim

justin brim scout paramotor flying

Long time paragliding acro pilot and paramotor pilot Justin Brim has some great things to say about the new Scout Paramotor.

“Thanks to Shane and Team Fly Halo for letting me take the Scout for a spin the other day! Nice looking machine and the anti-torque wing thingy’s seem to work well. The no offset design is awesome for flying an acro wing with because it doesn’t have a built in turn at low throttle. Its nice to see such forward thinking designs coming to fruition. It “tunnels” and SATs really well too ;-) . Kind of strange to not hear the usual creaking and flexing when doing a little wacro.”

For more reviews and opinions of the Scout Paramotor, check out the Scout reviews section on Scout Paramotors USA

Paramotor and B.A.S.E. Huck Fest in Twin Falls, ID

paramotor flying twin falls idaho

Here’s the latest from Team Fly Halo pilot Shane Denherder.


Shane met up with Brad on his way out to Oregon powered paragliding training last month for some flying fun.

Shane and Brad encountered some B.A.S.E. jumpers going for it at one of the most premier sites in the USA. Once they saw what was going down, they had to partake in the excitement. Timing jumps with rapid descents and asymmetric spirals, awesome video Shane!

In this video, Shane is flying the all new SCOUT Carbon Fiber Paramotor while Brad is flying a blacked out Parajet Volution Thor 200.

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The Fabric of Paragliding (Video)

paraglider fabric

Often times (with anything in life) most of us never really take the time to analyze how things work.  I’ve always been one to try and figure the inner workings of things and see just how they tick.  Paraglider manufacturing is something that has always interested me but I didn’t realize just how in depth it really was.    Watch this video from Porcher Sport, it reminds me of an episode of ‘How It’s Made.’ Porcher Sport is one of the largest fabric manufacturers for paragliding companies.

Some may say – “So that’s why they’re so expensive.” Me personally, I find paragliders to be quite a bargain, i’m surprised they don’t cost a lot more! Next time your flying, take a look at that glider over head and try to appreciate all of the time, effort and energy that went into making it.

Oregon Coast Paramotor Training Memorial Day Photos

Wow, what a fun time! We’re just getting back from the latest powered paragliding training in Oregon. We had some great students this session that really did amazingly well. Our Oregon coast locations for free flying and paramotoring are some of the all time best spots in the USA to train. Easy for us to say, right? Well, we’ve trained at quite a few sites around the USA and chose Oregon as our place of business for a reason.

Take advantage and be sure to make it out to one of our Oregon Coast paramotor training sessions, we expect to have 2 more full classes this summer before shifting training to Texas.  Visit our powered paragliding training page for more information and upcoming training dates.

Here are some pictures from the training!