Testing Scout Paramotor’s SafeStart Module

Some of you may have heard about or seen the SafeStart module in action.  If you understand what it’s about, you can skip the next paragraph.

For those that do not,  the safestart system is a revolutionary leap in paramotor pilot safety.  One of the number one causes of injury in this sport is contact with the propeller, otherwise called a prop strike.   Sometimes upon start up, our paramotors go full throttle which can lead to terrible things like chopped off limbs, etc.   Stuck throttles are somewhat common but the other risk is the pilot slipping and sending the unit to full power by depressing the throttle lever.    Scout has solved this dangerous problem by designing a safe starting system that won’t let the motor rev past 3k for the first 7 seconds.  If it does,  the unit will kill the spark to the engine and shut it down immediately.

We’ve been testing the SafeStart system on our Parajet Thor 100 and Thor 200 paramotor engines and are happy to say that the prototype system is working great. Eventually, the design will be available for every major paramotor engine on the market.    It will be affordable and it has the potential to keep you safe should the unthinkable happen.  It is not the be all – end all device here but it does signify a major advancement in our sport.  Sh** happens, this could very well keep your limbs intact.


Hands Free Launching The Gin Atlas Paraglider

The Gin Atlas is Gin’s latest EN-B Paraglider.    The Atlas comes in on the low side of the B range making it very safe and a wonderful to fly glider.    Check out this video of a no wind forward with the pilot using no A’s to inflate the glider.  Completely hands free!  Glider technology has come a long ways.

We keep saying it but 2013 is the year of the ENB!

Ric Ergenbright Shares His Thoughts about Team Fly Halo Paragliding Training

“Big thanks to Shane Denherder and Byron Leisek (with Jared Leisek assisting) for an fantastic week of PPG training on the Oregon coast! The 8-day clinic was truly a life changing event for me, as I’m now hopelessly hooked on flying, and can’t wait to use it as a new platform for my photography after a 45-year career of shooting the world from the ground. The days were long (12-14 hours) and intense, but also fun and relaxed. Instruction was thorough, clear, patient, and well-paced – with lots of highs and lows (both soaring and planking) that steadily built our individual skills and confidence until we were ready and able to successfully fly. 

I’ve been fortunate to experience a lot of great adventures in my life, and I’d have to rank this week of training right up at the top of my list. Because now, as I turn 68 in a couple of days, I know the best is yet to come … and that’s a really great gift!”

– Ric E

First Thor 130 in The USA – Eddie Carters Zenith Thor 130 Paramotor

Congrats to Eddie Carter, he’s the first person in the USA to own and fly the new Polini Thor 130 engine.  We haven’t even had a chance to fly it yet!   Eddie got the first one available to the USA.    Here’s what Eddie’s had to say so far about his new Parajet:

“My initial reaction is WOW! This is one amazing beast.”

“Tonight I flew the new Zenith Thor 130. It was a short 17min flight to test it out. All I can say is AMAZING machine! It is like moving from a VW to a Porsche.”

“Vibration is there but does not seem to bother me like it did on the my old paramotor. noise is much less. Heck I did most of the break in no ear plugs.”

“Thanks to the guys at Team Fly Halo for the recommendation. My goal was a light weight easy to launch easy to fly and light feeling (pack on your back and run with ease ) machine. The Zenith filled that goal and then some!”

We are looking forward to hearing more from Eddie as he gets to fly his new Parajet Zenith Thor 130 more and more.   One thing is for sure though, that all black is looking sexy!

New Products Added From Gin, Nova, Parajet and Polini

We’re at it again, adding more products to the FlyHalo line up.    We’ve got both the Parajet Volution Thor 130 up as well as the Zenith Thor 130, both new for 2013.  Check out our Parajet Paramotors section for those listings.

We’ve also gone ahead and added the Gin Atlas, a great new free flight wing from Gin Paragliders.   The final product update is the addition of the Nova Mentor 3, ENB paragliding wing.   This new wing is making a lot of great noise in the industry.  The Nova Mentor 3 puts forth some new technology over other high end ENB gliders like the MacPara Eden 5 and the U-Turn Blacklight.   It’s definitely one to check out for the free flight focused pilot this year.   2013, the year of the EN-B!

Gin Vantage and Gin Mirage Reviewed By Ojovolador

Ojovolador has been doing unbiased paraglider wing reviews for a long time.  They recently had the chance to try out the Gin Mirage and the Gin Vantage.   Although it’s in spanish, the pilot and man behind Ojovolador Daniel Crespo really loved both of them!     Don’t take our word for it though, check out the videos below.

 Gin Vantage Wing Review

Gin Mirage Wing Reflex Wing Review