Paraglider Wing Repair Motor Minute

In the latest motor minute episode, we teach you how to properly repair a paraglider with wing tape. Out in the field, sliced up your brand new glider? Watch the video and learn how you can keep on having a good time flying in this fun and informative motor minute.

No, we did not actually cut the Gin Mirage used in this video. Why is the production quality so good on this one? We have the power of Ryan Southwell! Ryan filmed and edited this video for us while we were out in Glamis Dunes, California. Hopefully one day, all of our videos will be at this level but for now, we really want to thank Ryan for working with us!

Please like the video and share it with your friends. We aim to make this sport safer and more fun, one video at a time.

Limited Time : $1,000 Off Glider Trade in Program

Starting February 21st we will be doing a $1,000 trade in when customers buy a new paraglider wing from us.    We don’t care what brand it is,  you trade it in and get $1,000 off the purchase of a new Gin glider.   Get rid of that old whip and start flying something fresh!  This offer is only valid for the first 5 people, don’t miss out.


Call or email us for details.  or 855-Fly-Halo.

Please note:  This offer only applies to Gin Gliders at this time.  If you’re looking for a different brand wing, ask us about it and we’ll work with you.

This deal lasts until 11:59pm EST, February 28, 2013.   Valid for USA Residents only.

Spring Powered Paragliding Training April 19th – April 28th

Our February training session has just officially kicked off.   If you missed out,  don’t worry – we’re heading back to California in April.   This time we’ll be hanging in the Monterrey area.   Students can fly into San Jose where we will pick you up and bring  you down to our powered paragliding training location.   This new spot is going to be awesome for teaching with miles of soar-able beach!!

The dates will be April 19 – April 28th.    Shoot us an email or give us a call for more information!

Need more motivation?   Watch our training video below or check out our student feedback section that we recently updated.


Team Fly Halo News – Salton Sea, Glamis Dunes Filming

Shane Denherder

Team Fly Halo had an awesome get together this past week with all of our team pilots.  Mind you, we are from Montana, Utah and Virginia so it’s always a great time when we can all meet up and do what we love to do – FLY.

We started out our week long trip in Glamis Dunes, California.   Ryan Southwell, expert videographer came out to Glamis and did some insane video work with us (just check out the image above for a screen grab).   Ryan learned to fly earlier this year but you couldn’t tell, he’s a natural and looked great.   We’ve got some amazing footage from Glamis that is going into a high quality video being put together by Ryan.  Stand by for really awesome powered paragliding footage and editing, very different than the standard run of the mill youtube video!

filming with ryan southwell

After spending 3 days in Glamis we headed north west to the Salton Sea fly in where we did more video work with Ryan and got to meet a lot of great people.   We had over 7 Parajet and Gin pilots flying and ended up doing a lot of cool formation work which you will probably see in the video.    Did I mention we have an awesome video coming?   We can’t get over how good the footage is that Ryan captured, we’re all so stoked!!

All 3 of us did a ton of flying on the new 24m Gin Mirage and came away very impressed.  It is a very stable, fast and efficient glider.  The best part about it though is it’s handling!

Spiraling down on Chris Santacroce


Thanks to Chris and Othar from Redbull for taking pictures of us in the “Gin Squad.”   We all threw down and had a killer time!


Chad Vermillion Talks Team Fly Halo Paramotor Training

“I had the privilege of training with both Byron and Shane of team fly halo. There are many things that I will say about them but the thing that stands out to me the most is how conscientious they were about my safety above all. The spent countless hours drilling basic wing-handling skills into me instead of giving me “just enough” to get me into the air. I have come to realize just how important these skills are for a ppg pilot to obtain to remain safe throughout his years as a pilot. They wouldn’t let me fly until I had first mastered the wing, even though it meant hard work for me.

The second thing I will say about them is their patience and work ethic knows no bounds. I came to training to learn and not waste time. They were with me on the beach sunrise to sunset EVERYDAY and put just as much into my training as I did. They taught me not just how to fly but also when not to fly, how to read the weather, and how to prevent accidents. They didn’t treat this time as “a vacation” to the beach. Rather, I felt like their most important client which pretty much bonded me to these guys for life.

Also, something that told me a lot about their character is how well they maintain their equipment and train students to do the same. This is my life after all and they showed me they took my well-being seriously.

Finally, they continue to support me long after training is over. When you train with these guys, you get instructors for life. This is so important for a ppg pilot as you encounter new things everyday and need a good support team in place to answer the questions that arise. These guys aren’t just top-shelf instructors, they are great guys and now awesome friends of mine. Byron looks like a pirate and is a lousy fisherman. Shane wears weird hats and listens to Beyonce but I don’t hold all this against them :-) ”

– Chad Vermillion

More Cushion For The… The Latest Team Fly Halo ‘Motor Minute’

In this episode, Byron shows us a secret pocket on the back side of the Parajet Volution harness. This pocket works great for adding additional cushion to your harness or another place to store extra flying items like stuff sacks.

This pocket is more than likely on the back of most Apco based paramotor harnesses.

Look for us @ Salton Sea and be sure to come by and say hi. We’ll be there by mid week before heading to our February 13-22nd training on the California coast.

Hope everyone has a great week!