Speed Bar Installation and Techniques – Motor Minute Series

The latest video in our motor minute series comes from team pilot Shane Denherder. Shane goes over the basics of speed bar use and how to properly hook up the system on a Parajet Volution. Many pilots have never tried speed bar, those guys are really missing out. Speed bar is responsible for adding an overall higher top speed which can be great if caught in a stiff head wind or if you need to make it back to the LZ before it gets dark.


On many free flight gliders, speedbar is the only way to accelerate the glider unlike motor wings that have a trimmer system as well. When it comes to motoring wings, generally trimmers and speed bar account for an equal increase in speed such as 5/5 mph. Considering we fly some of the slowest forms of aviation, these are pretty big increases! Gliders like the Gin Mirage and Paramania GTR can fly at speeds up to and over 40mph (depending on wing loading) with speed bar at full fast!

On non reflex gliders, speed bar can lead to an easier collapse as it’s bringing down the leading edge making in more prone to tucking. Reflex gliders do this as well but they load the glider so that all of the weight is on the front towards the leading edge. This creates much higher wing loading and increases stability.

If you have any questions about how to properly hook up and use your gliders speed system, please give us a call or email!

The speed system should only be used by pilots that have the training to do so.  Video instruction is no substitute for proper teaching of the speed bar system.   Be sure you are experienced enough before going out and trying this on your own!

New for 2013 – The Polini Thor 130 Paramotor Engine

That’s right, Polini is releasing yet another ground breaking engine for the paramotor market.  This new engine is 130CC and will be an improved engine over the existing Thor 100.

The new 130 is a square engine (bore and stroke are the same) with 21.5 hp, but has an improvement in torque and maximum power range that has been reduced to 8800 rpm, and optimized to increase the reliability. It will be available with the PWK float bowl carb or Walbro WG8, just like the 100. The crankcase has been modified and will have the same engine mounting pattern as the Thor 200.

The 130 will have the Flash start but no electric start available. It will also use the same props as the 100.

These engines should be available by mid to late February.

At this time, we are taking pre-orders for the engine, shoot us an email to get yourself on the waiting list!


Update:  1/15/13 – We now have a price from Polini.  The new Polini Thor 130 will be 60 eur more than the 100 or in USD about $100.00 give or take the ever changing value of our two currencies.

Team Fly Halo Paragliding Training Testimonial From Ryan S

Tillamook Cheese Ryan S

“Had a super fun time training with Byron and Shane at Fly Halo. I am a bit scared of heights and was very concerned with safety coming into this sport blind. They addressed my concerns and made me feel very comfortable in those apprehensive moments. I was able to reach my goal and fly solo. Stoked!!! It was a life changing experience I will never forget and I’m looking forward to progressing my skills at the next training session.”

– Ryan S