Galveston Training Session, November 2nd-9th

We have 4 spots still open for our Galveston, Texas training to be held November 2nd through the 9th.    Two spots have already been filled.  If you’re on the fence about training give us a call or talk to some of our past students to hear more about our training.       When everyone else is freezing cold, we will be down on the USA’s 3rd coast enjoying sunshine and the warm gulf breeze.     This trip will make a wonderful family vacation but more importantly,  it’s the ideal location to learn to fly a powered paraglider!

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One thought on “Galveston Training Session, November 2nd-9th

  1. I live on Galveston island. would like to join your paramotor class in November. I would like to know more about the details. My home phone #4094435223 and work phone # 4093700187. Thanks for your time and info.9/1/2014

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