Let the Training Begin

We have a full class for our first official Team Fly Halo Training.    Can’t wait to see our first five students get their wings.  Their lives will be forever changed.   Lead instructors Byron and Shane will be heading up the class.   These two instructors are the best in the business.   Give us a call if you’re interested in flying,  we have many more classes coming!

Stay tuned for pictures and videos.

Only 2 Spots Remain in Our August 30th Powered Paragliding Training

We are down to 2 spots left in our upcoming training!  Get in while you still can, you will be happy you did.  Our Powered Paragliding training is the most in depth you will find.  We teach the best practices to keep you safe and enjoying the air.  You will come away from our training with the skills and knowledge better than most pilots who have been flying for years!  Don’t take our word on it though, just ask around the community for pilots who have completed our training, they’ll talk your ear off.


See you in the Sky!

Team Fly Halo