Hands Free Launching The Gin Atlas Paraglider

The Gin Atlas is Gin’s latest EN-B Paraglider.    The Atlas comes in on the low side of the B range making it very safe and a wonderful to fly glider.    Check out this video of a no wind forward with the pilot using no A’s to inflate the glider.  Completely hands free!  Glider technology has come a long ways.

We keep saying it but 2013 is the year of the ENB!

Gin Vantage and Gin Mirage Reviewed By Ojovolador

Ojovolador has been doing unbiased paraglider wing reviews for a long time.  They recently had the chance to try out the Gin Mirage and the Gin Vantage.   Although it’s in spanish, the pilot and man behind Ojovolador Daniel Crespo really loved both of them!     Don’t take our word for it though, check out the videos below.

 Gin Vantage Wing Review

Gin Mirage Wing Reflex Wing Review

Team Fly Halo Representing @ Monument Valley 2012

Team Pilot Shane Denherder put together this amazing clip of some seriously awesome flying action at this years Monument Valley fly in.   The conditions got pretty rough out there this year but our Gin gliders handled everything awesome!  We had the Gin Mirage out there testing it out and were very impressed.  The Gin Mirage is a reflex glider that was rocked solid the entire time.   Not to mention it is very fast!  We were recording speeds with trims out @ 36mph.   More of that later though, we’ll have a review up shortly.    We had a great representation of our Parajet Paramotors line up that everyone seemed to be salivating over.

Enough chatter, on with the video!


See you next year!