Powered Paragliding, Paramotor Training and Instruction

Team Fly Halo training is the most comprehensive paramotor course you will find within the time-span of a vacation.  Our instructors are thorough, knowledgeable, and dedicated to giving you the skills and know how you need to successfully and safely start the sport of powered paragliding.

The students we graduate leave as competent, skillful, and ethical aviators ready to start exploring the world on their new craft.  We have a great relationship with past students, and all are encouraged to always communicate their experiences with us after the initial training.  Graduates are welcome to come back to attend future classes to further skills, get more flying time, or just to have fun.


Our training sites offer world-class conditions with a great variety of scenarios built towards making you a well-rounded pilot ready to deal with flight after training. 

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Our powered paraglider training offered is a 7 to 10 day, fully immersed, intense and fun program. It is designed to give you the skills and confidence to fly with the best of us. Training and instruction includes:

~ Lodging

~ Ground School

~ Weather Theory

~ Reserve Training

~ Master Glider Control (4-6 days before you even take flight)

~ Free Flight Experience

Paramotor Training (2-4 days)

We are able to pass off students with USHPA and USPPA ratings.

Check out our Powered Paragliding student feedback section to hear what our past students have to say about our training.

Locations:   Pacific City, OR – Morro Bay, CA – Galveston, TX

If you noticed above, we have three different powered paragliding training locations shown.   Depending on the time of year, we pick the ideal training spot that will provide the most consistent and smooth learning environment for our students.

Many people get held up on having to travel to learn for a full 7-10 days away from home.  The truth is, this is by far the best way to learn how to fly.   Full immersion classes keep everything you’ve learned fresh in your mind and allow you to progress much faster than you would going two times a week, once a week or month to your instructor.    We’ve built this program to turn out excellent pilots time after time.

paramotor training

While our company is based out of Oregon,  coastal paramotor training in Oregon is really only ideal during the Summer months when the weather patterns make for the best training.

Our California powered paragliding training locations offer the best training for the longest period of time, during Winter and Spring.

Come Fall, towards Winter time, Galveston offers great wind and warm sunny conditions perfect for teaching powered paragliding and flying all day long.

We make it very easy for students from all over the world to visit our training centers.  You fly into the closest major airport, we pick you up and bring you to our on site lodging.  Students will have access to plenty of restaurants  grocery stores, convenient stores, etc.

Shane Denherder Byron Leisek


Meet The Instructors

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