SCOUT Paramotor Customer Review – Trevor Meeks

When we call the SCOUT paramotor a game changer, we mean it.  We do not use empty marketing hype to promote the SCOUT.  It truly is a revolution to this sport and we are quite proud to put our name behind it.
The following is a review from the latest SCOUT customer, Trevor Meeks.

“I am extremely excited to get up in the air on my new Scout. After flying a demo unit a few weeks ago thanks to Shane and Byron with Team Fly Halo, it’s all I have dreamed about.TrevorMeeksSCOUT

If you aren’t familiar with the Scout, it’s a fairly new design that is constructed almost entirely out of Carbon Fiber. The frame itself is aluminum, with the spars, prop and outer hoop formed from Carbon Fiber. The swing-arms are CNC’d anodized aluminum, and the harness is extremely comfortable. The whole thing just screams quality. It’s powered by a Vittorazi Moster 185, and they have a few new engine options in the smaller cc range coming out soon I think.

Where this unit really shines though, is the anti-torque system. I’ve flown a few different motors and each has their own way of dealing with engine torque — either by hooking the glider in with slightly different height hook-ins, or using adjustable straps to pull a bit of weight-shift into the harness to counteract the torque. The Scout uses the aerodynamic spars (the parts holding the outer hoop to the frame) to counteract torque using the air being pulled over them by the propeller. This system works EXTREMELY well. I was skeptical when I heard the initial “hype” when the design was introduced, but wow… it really works.

Hopefully without sounding like a sales pitch, I just want to say that I am extremely happy with this paramotor so far, and I’m looking forward to expanding my flying horizons for many years to come with the Scout! It truly is a magnificent piece of engineering.

A shout-out to the guys at Team Fly Halo for the excellent service and for just being friendly, great dudes in general.

I’ll keep you guys posted as I get a bit more experience with this machine. So far I’ve just completed breaking the engine in, in preparation for a paramotor fly-in this weekend here in California.

Happy flying!”

– Trevor Meeks        Click here for the full review by Trevor.


Dual SCOUTs. Photo by Christopher Pine.

Taking One For The Team – Thor 190 SCOUT Paramotor

With the release of the new Thor 190 Lite,  we’ve been working with SCOUT Paramotors to get a unit ready for market.   Due to the past issues with Polini’s reliability on the Thor 200 unit; we will not be selling this unit until we can gather quite a bit of air time on the engine.

The SCOUT frame has been redesigned to accommodate the new Thor engine and we are excited to begin testing.  BOOM!   No really, we hope it doesn’t do that.   We’ll be posting updates on the testing of the Thor 190 as our team pilot Shane Denherder puts the engine through its paces.

Morro Bay Paramotor Training: May 30th – June 8

UPDATE: Our class is almost sold out.

Flying season is upon us! Now’s the time to get your wings if you haven’t already. Team Fly Halo is conducting another class at our favorite paramotor training location, Morro Bay, CA.

We are limiting this class to 6 students on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us for details on the class and any questions you may have.

Morro Bay, CA has officially become our training headquarters this year and we will now predominately have classes at this location.     In the past we have spread out our events through out the year in California, Oregon and Texas.  After teaching in these locations for 2 years, Morro Bay has stood out to us as being the top location for putting out the best pilots.     The weather is better and the location is an ideal training environment.  We’re all about our students success and we now feel that it’s best reached at our Morro Bay location.

Come join us in Morro Bay from May 30th – June 8th and we’ll take you on one unforgettable flying adventure. Flying in?  We can pick you up from San Jose International Airport.

What does it cost and what do you get?

Our course runs @ $2500.00 for a lifetime of training. What this means is after your initial training, you are welcome to attend any of our courses free of charge.

During your first trip out to us we cover the following:

Gear Rental
One unforgettable experience

We limit each class to 6 total students, 3 per instructor to give as much one on one time as possible.

The only thing we ask of you to bring to training is a great attitude and be ready to have tons of fun. If you would like to talk with any of our past students about our gear or our operation, please let us know or check out our training testimonials page.

At this time, Team Fly Halo can administer USPPA ratings PPG1 – PPG3, and USHPA ratings P1 – P4.  Team Fly Halo Members will have what they need to be successful toward earning ratings.  A USPPA PPG2 rating (the standard) is very attainable within this time frame.  However this will vary depending upon individual ability, and weather conditions.  Naturally, we travel far and wide to seek the best training destinations to maximize your success, but there are some circumstances that can be out of our control. Students always have to option to come back to scheduled events to earn additional ratings if they desire.


Paramotor Camping: High Desert

Last Fall, Team Fly Halo along with Ryan Southwell films set out on an unforgettable camping and flying adventure in Monument Valley, Utah. Friends joined each other for 2 unforgettable nights in the high desert with a very unique view of the world below.


SCOUT Ultralight Aircraft Now for Sale on

Big news, we’ve just partnered up with!  Read the press release below for more info.

Redmond, Oregon, March 13, 2014 — SCOUT Paramotors, the world’s first carbon fiber built backpack aircraft has reached another world first.   SCOUT Parmaotors has teamed up with the largest online retailer to become the first ever powered aircraft to be sold on

About SCOUT Paramotors:

SCOUT Paramotors, manufactured in Slovakia are one of the most technologically advanced backpack-powered aircraft to go on sale in the consumer flying market.  They are built from aluminum and carbon fiber and feature state of the art technologies not found in other paramotor aircraft.

SCOUT is imported in the USA by Team Fly Halo, a paramotor training center offering complete sales and service to pilots within the USA.    Team Fly Halo is a certified flight school with credential from the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) and United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA).  In business since 20012, Team Fly Halo aims make the sport of powered paragliding more nationally known. For more information, visit

TFH Paramotor Training Review By Jonathan Hart

“I learned paragliding, and had flown for a few years, but was not entirely happy with the amount of para-waiting involved with free flight. After spending several months watching YouTube videos and dreaming, I decided to ‘convert’ to paramotoring seeking a wider window of flyable time. I started out by interviewing several instructors. I knew I wanted instruction from a solid, safe instructor and I began shortlisting programs using the USPPA instructor list. I started calling the programs that trained near me, talked to local pilots, and read lots of feedback. In the end, I was most confident in the Team Fly Halo guys and took lessons from them in Central California in January 2014.

In particular, I liked the full emersion aspect of the TFH training program, which really builds skills in so many areas (kiting, paragliding, motoring, judgment), and it’s completely comprehensive on all aspects of the sport (weather, regulations, maintenance, safety, etc). Shane and Byron (the instructors) are really focused on improving your individual skills and you learning at your own pace. They have invented games to make training fun and engaging, and they create a low pressure, safe and fun atmosphere for learning. I personally had a wonderful time and consider them good guys whom I hope to have long term instruction.

Shane and Byron are both accomplished pilots in paramotoring, but also in other such things that go up, such as airplanes, helicopters, paragliders, speedflying, balloons, drones, etc. With such a broad love for flight they have developed very strong instruction and experience. They really enjoy flying and their enthusiasm, humor, and love for the air is infectious.

Anyone seeking comprehensive paramotor instruction should have Team Fly Halo on the top of their list.”

Thanks guys!
Jonathan Hart

Porta Potty Speed Flying With Shane

Come take a ride with Shane as he enjoys a speed flying session at Point of the Mountain, Utah.  Speed flying skills translate to better and more efficient launches & landings with any wing you’re flying.

We’re gearing up to start running some speed flying clinics in the near future, if this is something you would be interested in, give us a shout!

New Paramotor Training Class – April 25th – May 4th

2014 classes are filling up faster than ever before so we have a little present for you: we’re doing another paramotor class in California this April 25th – May 4th.

Come on down and enjoy sunny CA with us at one of our favorite training spots!

March 14-23rd – San Jose, CA / Morro Bay CA – SOLD OUT

April 25 – May 4th – San Jose, CA / Morro Bay CA – New class, spots available

Call for more information. 1-855-Fly-Halo or email us, [email protected]    We are looking forward to helping you get your wings!

St. Patricks Day Paramotor Training Session Sold Out – New Classes in the Works

Our March St. Patricks Day training session has sold out! We limit our classes to 6 students giving you as much one on one with both of our instructors as possible. With that being said, classes fill up fast. We are planning another paramotor training class at the end of April into early May. Please contact us for details.

Thank you all for being apart of our sport and welcome to Team Fly Halo.